As this gross body lurches ever closer to annihilation, I’m staking everything on the possibility that I could kick open the escape hatch from this illusion. Rather than competing for social acceptance or blind devotion to the established norms, I have chosen to thrown myself into a complete surrender of Life as we know it.


You need to know how to experience freedom in order to be free. You need to free yourself in order to experience freedom.


Within our present life and social order, time and space prevent the experimentation of freedom because they suffocate the freedom to experiment. Only by upsetting the imperatives of time and social space will it be possible to imagine new relations and surroundings. The old philosopher said “one can only desire on the basis of what one knows”.


Desires can only change if one changes the life that produces them.


Long ago, I embarked on one of the greatest adventures of my life: the desire for total rejection of apathy, control, submission, and tedium, of status and status quo. Seceding from a world where all might be regarded as normal, I joined this death mission to smash through the realms of current standards of postural yoga.

I will not make it out alive, that I know for granted.

Once we see what all the different institutes, ideas and mechanisms of domination have in common, it becomes clear that our individual struggles are also part of something greater than us, something that could connect us.


When we come together on the basis of this connection, everything changes: not only our struggles, but also our sense of unity, our capacity for joy, the sense that our lives have meaning. All it takes to find each other is to begin acting according to a different logic.

I do not wish to create a safe space here. I want to create dangerous spaces where misogyny can’t exist, where prejudice can’t exist, where peer pressure can’t exist, where doctrines can’t exist, where xenophobia can’t exist, where the “I” and “other” can’t exist. I want to create spaces where those sentiments don’t have any air, and they suffocate: where those ideas die.

These writings and experiences aren’t about creating a safe space, it’s about creating a space that’s dangerous for injustice, for apathy, a dangerous space for the mind to exist.

Ashtanga Carcavelos is not about delightful lifestyle events, blissful mindfulness Saturday mornings, posture alignment or how “you should just do what I say“.

It is about the persistent sense that things could be otherwise, that there is nothing natural or inevitable about the prevailing social and spiritual concepts within the yoga “community”.


That we deserve – and can be – more.


In a (yoga) world optimised for performance and control, everything that cannot be classified and everything that can be, is Us. It is the spirit of rebellion without which freedom is literally unthinkable.